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Guilt is out, happiness is in

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Sometimes just when things seem to be going so well, guilt rears its ugly head. It’s as though it lay dormant secretly waiting for you to overcome many obstacles to get to this place that would be perfect except for the guilt. For others, guilt is with them steadily and has been since early childhood when it was used to manipulate them into sharing toys with another or behaving for Mom. How innocently and well meaning do our early caretakers declare us guilty? How unwittingly do they sew the seeds of life-long guilt? There is an opinion that guilt is good and necessary in keeping people...

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Everyone wants to plan your wedding!

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So you thought the hard part was behind you. After all the trials and errors, you finally found the right guy. If you think all the unwanted advice and criticisms are in the past – hold onto your hat. When it comes to planning a wedding, opinions come out of the woodwork. Suggestions will be afforded, ideas shoved in your face and criticisms sarcastically inserted, with salt, into any open wound. Don’t let anyone intrude upon your white cloud or tarnish it with stress. Be willing to stand your ground, when the avalanche starts. Firstly, and most impotantly, never respond directly...

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Ignorance is not Bliss

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This may give my age away but the day before I got married, my mother told me, “Sex is something women just have to grin and bare. But don’t worry , you’ll get used to it.” I remember being totally horrified and shocked. I shouldn’t have been. My mother did bring the subject of sex approximately seven years earlier, when she asked me if I had the “curse.” Believe it or not, this was not terribly unusual in very Catholic subcommunities of New Orleans before the “pill” and Roe v/s Wade. The first half of the sixties were no more...

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