Frequently Asked Questions
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Are Corsets comfortable?
A corset should fit snugly and gently compress your waist, breathing will come easier as you get used to it. To ensure your comfort, do not lace too tightly during the first several wearings.
Are sex toys safe to use?
Yes, but they should be cleaned before the first use and again between each use with an antibacterial solution (like one we sell).
Are there products for women that help women enjoy sex more or even just to get more in the mood?
There are topicals that when applied to the clitoris create a warming, tingling, stimulating sensation. Using these products one becomes more interested in sex where the cream is applied & is more sensitive to touch, making the experience more pleasurable.
Can a Corset help me look slimmer?
In a word, yes. Corsets are designed to draw in your waist and flatten your tummy. If you are wearing a corset to appear slimmer under your clothes then you should purchase a simple, smooth style with no bulky exterior lace trims. Corsets slim and enhance any woman's body, whether she is generously curvy or straight up and down.
Can a Corset help me lose weight?
Well, if you wear it all of the time, the corset will restrict how much you can put into your tummy. The tightness of the corset would restrict your food intake, and you would likely lose some weight. It will also redistribute fat, if worn constantly. Think of how skinny a limb gets when put in a cast for a long time.
Can corsets be worn as a blouse as well as an undergarment?
Most definitely yes, in fact 60% to 70% of the corsets we sell are meant to be worn with jeans, a skirt, or part of a costume.
Can sex toys replace a man/sexual partner?
Not really. When used in forplay, they increase the woman's desire for her partner. Don't forget, women are able to have multiple climaxes. Sex is really in the head so that the next climax with her lover is even better.

If one is without a partner, there is no one to replace but at least she can still have normal & regular sexual pleasure.
What is a Teddy?
A one piece lingerie item, where the top and bottom panty are sewn together.
What is the difference between a "baby doll" and a chemise?
A baby doll is usually shorter, sexier, and often open in the front or back to show a panty. The chemise is a bit more conservative of a piece of lingerie.
What is the difference between a corset and a bustier?
Although they look similar, corsets and bustiers fit and form differently. Corsets lace in the back, whereas the bustier hooks in the back.
What is the difference between a garter and a garter belt?
A garter is stretchy and wraps around one leg. A garter belt wraps around the waist and has between 4 and 8 straps that attach to the stocking and hold it up.
What is the difference between a stocking and thigh high?
A stocking requires a garter belt & the thigh high has a rubberized lining at the top to hold it up. Neither has a panty attached, so neither are pantyhose.
What is the difference between a thong and a g-string?
They both go up the butt, but the thong is usually 3/4" to 1" thick between the cheeks, whereas the g-string is much thinner. The thong is "legal" to wear in public with the extra coverage.
Articles written by Suzette and featured in the New Orleans Wedding News.
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Everyone wants to plan your wedding!
So you thought the hard part was behind you. After all the trials and errors, you finally found the right guy. If you think all the unwanted advice and criticisms are in the past - hold onto your hat. When it comes to planning a wedding, opinions come out of the woodwork.

Suggestions will be afforded, ideas shoved in your face and criticisms sarcastically inserted, with salt, into any open wound.

Don't let anyone intrude upon your white cloud or tarnish it with stress. Be willing to stand your ground, when the avalanche starts. Firstly, and most impotantly, never respond directly to the suggestion but immediately thank the person for his/her concern. Explain to them that at this point there are so many things on your mind to consider that you're not likely to remember even the most helpful information unless it is written down for your review. Gently insist that their opinions, ideas and hints are greatly valued if in written form. Explain that you are actively seeking thoughts on the subject from all interested parties. Let them know that before you make the final decision, you will review all written suggestions, ideas, etc. Assure them that by doing it this way, nothing should be misunderstood, forgotten, or overlooked.

You might explain that if there are opposing points of view concerning an issue, the majority would like to prevail. If it is particularly sensitive in nature an uninvolved 3rd. party would be brought in.

Ask them to include in their written list of suggestions more than they originally intended to say but of a different nature that might actually be helpful to you. Ask them to include such things as who is allergic to what food or flowers. Who won't come if so and so is invitied too. This will help change their attitude from being critical to actually giving you help. Even critical and self absorbed people respond to an apparent willingness to have their point of view heard and given due consideration. This process allows sugestee to feel valued and yet you have made no promise or intention to do anything their way.

By this time, you must realize why it is so important to ask for all suggestions in writing - but just in case : 1) Most people, unless their motives are truly supportive, won't bother to write anything down. 2) It avoids an unpleasant discussion in which you might feel coerced or intimidated and say or promise something you may regret later. 3) It will make it easier should you decide not to honor their suggestion. How? A) If they didn't write it down as you requested, you didn't remember as you thought you might not. B) You did tell them that the majority would rule and they were in the minority. C) You felt it necessary to seek outside professional help - and you did.

The main thing to remember is not to be forced into an uncomfortable situation. Keep thanking them for their concern, stay cool, and don't give up any information or decisions until you are ready. "I'll let you know about that just as soon as the decision has been made." Keep walking on those clouds and don't let anyone drag you down.
Guilt is out, happiness is in
Sometimes just when things seem to be going so well, guilt rears its ugly head. It's as though it lay dormant secretly waiting for you to overcome many obstacles to get to this place that would be perfect except for the guilt.

For others, guilt is with them steadily and has been since early childhood when it was used to manipulate them into sharing toys with another or behaving for Mom.
How innocently and well meaning do our early caretakers declare us guilty? How unwittingly do they sew the seeds of life-long guilt?

There is an opinion that guilt is good and necessary in keeping people in line. I do not agree.
There are many that were told that they were bad, useless, unworthy, etc. for so long that they believe it. If one were so judged by those that supposedly loved him, it is natural that he would believe himself guilty as charged. And believing it, he is likely to act out that which he believes himself to be.

There are many indoctrinated into the theory that all people are guilty and therefore they must also be guilty. He is a person who feels he knows right from wrong and struggles constantly in battle against what he believes he truly is - a sinner. Seeking redemption can come as a high price to pay. The pain laid upon the transgressee could be too much to handle, especially if that one also believes in guilt. Guilt is villian now for two people in pain yet the transgression is in the past. it is over and gone but ruins today and possibly a relationship because a mistake is being mentally relived now and expressed now as guilt.

By holding youself guilty, you leave the door open to your judgments of others too. See yourself, as having made forgivable mistakes and it's so much easier to see another in the same light. And what difference does that make? A lot. If indeed someone is guilty of a transgression against you - you feel angry, hurt, betrayed. But, if that same act was a mistake, the potential for a deep wound is lessoned. You experience less pain, anger, etc.

To aleve yourself of guilt , it is only necessary to understand that no one is responsible for anyone else's happiness. Each of us is totally in charge of our own happiness. It is impossible to be guilty of hurting another's happiness if that person is the only one responsible for it. Another's mistake can have only so much effect on your happiness as you decide it will and vice versa.

Owning responsibility for your own happiness empowers yourself and others. Love and happiness as with guilt are unusual in that as much as you give it, you still get to keep it. Yet the old adage still holds true, "You can't give what you don't have."

I've listed just a few hints in your efforts to undo your guilt and own your happiness. 1) Love yourself and forgive yourself for past mistakes. Learn from them, but don't let the mistakes effect the present. 2) Be truthful first and foremost to yourself. 3) Live up to any commitment you make. Don't make any commitment under pressure. 4) Do your best at what ever you agree to undertake for your own self worth. 5) Speak up for yourself. Don't let anyone manipulate you. If they don't like who you are when you're being honest about how you feel - you don't need to be with those people.

Just be the wonderful guiltless person you are. Take responsibility for your own happiness and be happy.
Ignorance is not bliss
This may give my age away but the day before I got married, my mother told me, "Sex is something women just have to grin and bare. But don't worry , you'll get used to it." I remember being totally horrified and shocked. I shouldn't have been. My mother did bring the subject of sex approximately seven years earlier, when she asked me if I had the "curse."

Believe it or not, this was not terribly unusual in very Catholic subcommunities of New Orleans before the "pill" and Roe v/s Wade. The first half of the sixties were no more "mind-blowing" for most people that the "ignorance is bliss" and "sex is for men and for women to use to control men" fifties.

Why do I bring up all that old garbage? I bring it up because sexual ignorance is still a problem in the 21st century. Instead of enjoying the full range of sexual freedom and communication the pill gave us, many women are still acting like they're under the influence of the Victorian Era.

Then, playing games meant dolling out sexual favors to control your man. Unfortunately this destructive , to both parties, behavior has not totally ceased to exist. Then again, at least young women of this century know that sex can be wonderfully fun for them too. They're just not always sure how to get the most romance, foreplay, and satisfaction out of their relationships.

Playing with sex can be wonderful for verbal and non-verbal communication. Using sexual massage, games, toys, and role-playing are ways to explore awareness that broaden intimate and sexual awareness. Sexual technique is not important. Sexual communication resulting in emotional closeness is. Technique will improve; as you and you rpartner understand each other's emotional needs more fully.

There is one technique, if you want to call it that, which I recommend. It's called preference or always giving a choice. Whenever you try something a little new or different (which I highly recommend you do often), always give a choice. "Do you like it better this way or the other way?" The idea is that sometimes one does not want to say if they don't like something you are doing for them. This gives them the opportunity to praise what they like and not put down what they do not.

This technique works as well out of the bedroom as in.

Within the choices given, you are responsible for inital options. Your choice of options will help your spouse know more about who you are. It's a form of communication, understood on the feeling level rather than on the intellectual level.

Sometimes men say, "I don't like what she wears, it comes off anyway" or "she looks sexy in my old T-shirt." Both of these attitudes are but one option each. If it seems to be a preference, then it should be fine for most times but do ask yourself; 1) Are you expressing yourself sexually? 2) Is this way resulting in wonderfully romantic times? 3) Does it encourage new and innovative communication and sex-play? I say if the answers are yes, go fo it. It seems to me that as much as I like steak, I would not want it the same way every day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year.

The foundation you build now is setting the stage for all future acts. Be open to knowing him and letting him know you on the deepest feeling level. Sexuality between two commited people is the core that binds. It is totally beautiful and spiritual expresion of love.
Ignorance about sexuality, as in most areas, is stupidity - not bliss.