Suzettes Services

Suzette’s employs only women: we can assist you in lacing up your corset or zippering up your dress. Ask us for an opinion, we are honest because when you get the desired reaction, you will come back in again.

Ask Questions. We take pride in being able to put people at ease so they enjoy shopping for even the most personal items. We’ll put batteries in several different toys so you can compare one with another and make a more educated decision on which is best for you. Our research and feedback from other customers is yours for the asking.

We will happily place a special order for you, to fill needs not in the store or for out of stock items.

We are happy to exchange most items bought within a couple of weeks. We cannot give refunds, but we will exchange your item or give you a store credit to allow you to shop more leisurely at a later date. We don’t exchange seasonal merchandise, and it is against state law to take back toys.

We have a large range of sizes in stock. In store you will find bras, merry widows (perfect for the bride and the bridesmaids), and corsets, all ranging from size 32 to 44 and cup sizes A to G. Again, we will special order items not in stock.

We help you with gifts and parties. Suzette’s provides free tissue paper with the gift bags. We will arrange the gift so that you are “ready to go”. We can also create a gift basket with the items you purchase from the store.

We can do a sex toy party at your house or a rented hall for parties of 10 or more. We bring merchandise so that you can go home with your purchase the same day.

For our bachelorette party customers, we can decorate our white lace umbrellas with little “naughties” of your choice from our store. We have veils already decorated or we can decorate as needed.

Everything we sell is unique, more like the French Quarter than the Mall. Our prices are middle of the road. $29 to $69 for lingerie, apparel $15 to $79, toys $10 to $150. We love when you pay with debit cards and cash. We like master card and Visa, and we accept American Express and Discover.

“In the chaste Metro New Orleans Area, Suzette’s ia an erotic secret oasis. Suzette herself ia such a giving, helpful, sensual woman who knows her stuff. And what stuff it is! Everything from bedroom wear (classy to trashy), to tos, gels, etc. If you don’t see what you want, Just ask. She can get it for you. – Paul S.