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Our Story


Our Story


"Women feel comfortable at Suzette’s because we’re knowledgeable about our products; and as women, we understand a woman’s body and needs.” – Suzette

Suzette’s opened in 1994 in a tiny place only 6 feet across and 30 feet long. If there were two people inside going in different directions, they had to walk sideways when passing one another. About six months later, we moved into our Edenborn location which was about 24 feet across by 56 feet deep. By the end of 2001, we doubled again to 48 feet across by 56 feet deep. Now we are thrilled to be at our newest location: 4636 West Esplanade Ave. in Metairie, between Clearview and Lime Street.With each expansion new and different items are added. When we first opened our doors all we had room for was lingerie. Everything else came after our original move. Most items like shoes were added per many requests for specific types unavailable at the mall.

The toys came by inquiry rather than request. We kept getting phone calls asking for the Jack Rabbit. I thought they were looking for a real rabbit (It seemed to me that bunnies were a lot more popular for pets than I had been previously aware). Time after time I would just say, “Sorry, no we don’t have any”. Each time I became more and more convinced my phone number or name must be awfully close to some pet store. One day I told the lady on the other side of the line that she had reached a lingerie store, not a pet store. She laughed so hard, I thought she might burst. Then she set me straight. I felt foolish and somewhat ignorant that I wasn’t familiar with the infamous Jack Rabbit as a toy. But, I did some research and now we not only have the Jack Rabbit and it’s varieties, but all sorts of varieties of all kinds of toys. Most of everything in the store is geared for women, so of course so are the toys. The best thing is, with a little help from my customers and the medical community it seems I’ve gained a whole new area of expertise.

It was a little unnerving , at best, the day we opened the backroom. “Adult Toyland” hangs over the door with a warning that one must be 21 yrs or older to enter this room.

The first people to enter the store that day were an elderly couple. He had a cane & she a walker. Immediately I wished they had come in before Toyland was setup. This was not what I had expected. (If anything, I was braced to deal sternly and even harshly with any sicko perverts that might show up.) I tried to engage them in conversation. Surely they came to see the beautiful bridalware that I’d been advertising for the past two months. But no, and I had to watch my toes as that walker kept darting around impatiently and sometimes a little too close for comfort.

Little by little, they pushed their way toward the back. By the time they reached the leather lingerie I was waiting for the bomb to drop. It did, but not exactly as I expected. All of a sudden the man just blurted out, “Dog gone girl, the sign outside says you got toys! Where are they?” Obediently, but bewildered, I escorted them to the back. They made their selection with such gusto, laughing and giggling like a couple of teenagers. Before this adorable couple left, the gentleman said to me, “This old body ain’t what it used to be. I’ve got a live one here. We’ve been married over 50 years and I do what it takes to keep her happy.” For me, it was truly an eye opening experience. Wow. And it was so much fun to be around them! My customers are the best anywhere. They’re classy, intelligent, open-minded, and have a great sense of humor. Most of all, they’re full of gusto with lust for life itself. What more could one ask for?

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