Romantic Boutique

Our Store


Suzette's is conveniently located on 4636 W Esplanade Ave in Metairie, Louisiana. We have a diverse inventory of lingerie, costume accessories, shoes and corsets to choose from in the store, as well as the absolute best of the best when it comes to toys!  If you aren't able to come in the store, I have a great variety of fun things for you to order online. 

I look forward to your visit to our physical store! Our sales staff and I love meeting new people as well as renewing old friendships. 

Suzette’s employs only women so that we can assist you in lacing up your corset or zippering up your dress etc. When asked for an opinion, we are always honest because if you don’t get the reaction you should expect, you probably won’t come back.

“Women feel comfortable at Suzette’s because we’re knowledgeable about our products; and as women, we understand a woman’s body and needs.” – Suzette